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Reliable Elevator Services in Chicago

Elevator equipment can wear down through the years. Our services include elevator repair and maintenance, installation, and modernization to make sure your elevator is functioning properly. Part of our maintenance also includes yearly elevator safety tests.  We also offer elevator installation and modernization services for older buildings with outdated technology. We will completely upgrade your elevator units to the latest and most productive equipment.

We are at your service to handle all of your elevator repair and maintenance, installation, and modernization needs. Give us a call at (773) 466-6787 to set up a consultation.

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The key to keeping anything mechanical in good condition is maintenance. Skipping oil changes in your car will eventually lead to mechanical failure and complete overhaul. With routine maintenance, your lift will stay quiet, run smooth, and perform its best. Our maintenance program is top notch. All components are inspected and lubricated.


Mechanical components fail over time. Parts get worn out. Unfortunate acts of nature happen all the time. Lightning strikes can cause components to short out and simply burn up. Whatever the cause of failure may be, we can properly diagnose the problem, get the parts needed and get your lift back in operation.


Does your plans have an elevator in them? We can help you! We will walk you through the entire process. From planning to final product. After we have finalized the install, we will provide customer training to make sure you are familiar with your product and how to use it! Give us a call for a free estimate!

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High-Quality Service

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Cost Efficient

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Reasonbale Pricing

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Superior Equipment

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BEST Elevator Service in Chicago, Illinois

Get the most of what you will pay for – best elevator services, reasonable price, friendly professionals, and met expectations. Hire GP Elevator Services – we will never fail you!

Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Technicians

GP Elevator Services ensures that your elevators are always working in your business or home. Our technicians are highly trained and are knowledgeable about the newest technology and parts. Our mission is to provide vertical transportation for residential customers. Elevators are important tools for your business or home, so our professionals repair and maintain them as quickly as possible.

What Can We Do To Help?

The stairs have become too difficult to climb, but you do not want to move to an assisted living facility or to a one-story house. GP Elevator Services can install a residential elevator to existing homes and to homes under construction. We also offer maintenance and repair of your current residential elevator. So, contact us when you need our services at your home.

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